The method

Applying an Absolute Valet ceramic service to your car is more than just a asethetic  service. Not only will the car look better than the day you picked it up from the showroom but it will also have a protective coating that is specific to each material of the car.

Working closely with our polish specialists we have a tried and tested meticulous method of applying each product to the areas of the car you require protecting. There are three main technologies listed below, each developed specifically for the material so you can rest in the knowledge that the best technology is being used effectively. ‚Äč

Metal Protection

As with all our ceramic technologies this binds at the atomic layer, actively repelling and protecting metal work from dirt, grime and other pollutants leaving the metal in the same condition we polish it to for months at a time!

Glass Protection

Designed specifically for glass, this product ensures that no smears, streaks or blotches or water or other grime can attach to the surface of the glass, ensuring your visibility is perfect every drive.

Paint Protection

Ensuring that colour you spent hours deciding upon maintains it's stunning appearance, this product will bind and seal the paint in a 'just polished' condition so every drve feels like a new car.

Included work in ceramic services

Each car is prepped, including all paint, glass, leathers/cloths, alloys to the highest level of detail before the product is applied, ensuring that only the best finish is available. For a full car detail this includes:

  • Jetwash rinse of car
  • Thorough wash with carnuaba wax based shampoo to clear grime
  • Wheels washed and brake dust, traffic dirt, rubber removed
  • Car dried with warm air and microfibres and chamois to ensure surface is dry and clear from dust or dirt
  • Wheels removed and polished inside and out to make contact surface as smooth as possible
  • Paintwork machine polished to highest shine possible with complete removal of scratches/mirroring and shimmering
  • Glass work polished and buffed to smear free and crystal cut
  • Metalwork polished to a high and even smooth shine

Only once the above is completed as a minimum will we then apply a IPA to the surface to be protected with the ceramic technology. Then by hand we use our secret method and technical know how to apply the best and even coat of protection. This is done panel by panel, spoke by spoke, pane by pane until the whole car is evenly coated in each of the incredible products. From there we let the technology do the rest.

Want to know more?

We can protect and enhance the look of any part of the car, including underneath and engine bays. Please call or email to arrange further appointments and discuss your requirements in detail.