Our Services

Full Valet - From £95

Full Valet The full valet service brings your car back to as near showroom condition as possible. Excellent preparation for selling a vehicle, or for a coming Summer or Winter season. The full valet consists of a complete, thorough interior clean (see below for details) and exterior wash and polish. Suitable for leather or cloth interior. The Absolute Valet is well honed on showroom quality cleaning for a number of vehicle dealerships, including The Ferrari Centre. Please allow at least 3 hours for a full valet.

Interior Valet - From £45

An interior valet from the Absolute Valet will transform your driving experience. Fabric interiors benefit from an upholstery shampoo treatment, using low odour cleaning agents to remove non-water stains - oil, grease, etc. Leather interiors are cleaned and softened, with any dirt gently removed from all areas of the seats with a professional soap product. They are then dried and thoroughly reconditioned to protect the leather. All cars benefit from the boot area being vacuumed and cleaned - including spare tyre bays. Headlining is also offered as an option. All interior areas are cleaned, dashboard, fascia and hard surfaces are then polished. Air vents and ashtrays are cleaned out and air freshener applied to eliminate any odours.

Mini Valet - From £30

An Absolute Mini Valet is the quickest way to get your vehicle back on the road with a 'clean' pair of heels. Lacking none of our trademark attention to detail, exterior areas are washed and dried and wheel arches and tyres are 'dressed' to achieve a new look. Inside the car receives a thorough service, with a full vacuum, dashboard, facia and hard surfaces polished and air vents and ashtrays cleaned and freshened. The boot bay will be cleaned if required. Windows receive special treatment inside and out ensuring that your car looks good from the outside and that you can see clearly from within.

Other Sevices - POA

We offer a wide variety of services with the above being our most popular. Please use the form below or call us to discuss any of the following:

  • Scratch Removal
  • Tar Removal
  • Engine Bay Cleaning
  • Machine Polishing
  • Ceramic Protection